Space Bikers Club!


  • Membership to the Club is by invitation or inquiry
  • Each Member warrants the accuracy of the information provided
  • The joining fee shall be payable to the Club for membership
  • The duration of membership is for a minimum of 12 consecutive months
  • Each Member shall be at least 18 (eighteen) years of age
  • Membership is not transferable
  • Members treat the Club’s staff and other Members with respect

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  • How to communicate with Artificial Intelligence

    Our site has an AI named Max. Find out how to interact with him!

    You can communicate and/or ask questions in any language of the world - the robot knows dozens of languages. But his main languages - Russian, English, German, French and Spanish - he understands them best. In order to switch to another language just write a phrase in that language. If you are interested in detailed information about something,  ask Max a corresponding question, for example, "What is the weather today in Jerusalem?"

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